Stigma Around Electric Cars?

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Ever since the invention of electric cars, there has been some stigma around the use of these innovative cars. Peoples main concern is the limited range that come with the use of electric cars. When electric cars came out, their range was actually quite low, and it was not sustainable to use electric cars to go on long drives or for when you need to be out of range from a charger. In addition to this, electric cars have since gained range considerably, allowing users of these innovative cars to go quite far.

Tesla Model S plugged into a Tesla Super Charger (Photo by: Jakob Härter)

For example, users on Tesla electric cars can make use of one of the many several thousand “super charger” strategically positions in locations all through out North America. Tesla car users are able to use these super chargers to rapidly change their vehicles, reaching up to 50% of battery charge in 20 minutes. This type of technology has revolutionized this space, allowing people who once wanted to use their electric cars for road trips, to finally do so.

Example of the expansive super charger network (Photo by: Tesla)

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