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Pub 201 Peer Reviews

Peer Review #3 - Just Another Story

Just another story…

I had the opportunity to review the website “Just Another Story…” ( by Rajveer Kaur. Upon opening up the website I am presented with a very clean design that makes the website very easy to read. Over the years I have learned the importance of having some white space instead of cluttering a website, and your website has executed that excellently.

The landing page is for “Just another Story…” is the home page, and this also looks like it includes featured posts from your blog posts. I can quickly tell that your website is focused on short stories, but I think that one way to improve the clarity of what your website is about would be to include some information about the short stories you are creating. For example, having a section explaining the mission/goal of the website would be beneficial. The choice to include a picture of a pen is very clever because it can remind the reader about “writing and stories”  The “about me” section is consistent on each page and does a good job at giving the reader an overview of who the author is. Expanding this section might also be beneficial so that the reader gets a clearer indication about the website.

The previous Peer Review mentioned that adding some social media links to other sections of your website and I would also say that this would add to the overall accessibility of the website and your brand. Connecting the people that visit your website to social media is a great way to get exposure for your brand.

When looking at this website from the perspective of the business plan, I have a few suggestions that may help with monetization and other aspects of the business plan.

  • Being able to categorize the types of stories that are written would be an excellent way for users of your website to find the type of short story they want to read. Right now, if I am looking for a particular genre of story, I have to look through your website to find it. By having those filters, I would be able to directly select the type of story. This can also help determine your audience type.
  • Your featured section of your website includes posts from both Pub 201 and the stories from your website. Separating these two items would greatly help with the clarity of the website.
  • As mentioned above, the inclusion of some social media links to your website would help get some exposure and develop exposure for your brand. In particular, you want to be looking at the channels that you will be using to connect to the people that will be visiting your site.
  • A potential monetization strategy for “Just another story…” would be to enter the ever popular subscription service. Many people in this these days use subscription services for everything, from music, food, clothing, makeup, news etc. Creating a short story subscription service where you send out weekly or monthly short stories would be one direction you could take towards monetization. In addition to this, you could also try placing ads on your website in order to generate some revenue.

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting “Just another story…”. Some small changes could be done to improve the user experience, but the idea behind the website is something that I enjoyed.

Peer review #1 - Distributrice

I really like the layout and design that you used to create your website for Distributrice. Your color choice of white and light pink works well as they are complementary colors. Reading through your website description, I understand that you are focusing on inspiring individuals live their best life and from this I understand that you website likely going to revolve around a blog providing information to its readers. I also like your slogan, “ INSPIRE, INVESTIGATE, INFORM” as those words invoke a sense of “urgency” and “motivation” which would inspire people to take action. When reading your site, I had to guess on exactly what you are providing. Some more description on the first page or some more descrition on the “about” page would have been helpful to understand what your focus is going to be on the website.