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Pub 201 Process Posts

Process posts

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In the first class, we talked about what PUB 201 would be about. I was most excited to learn that we will be using Word Press to design a website. I have used other website building platforms before, but I have always wanted to learn how to use WordPress. We also learned that we will be building our own brand that we will be promoting through our website. We will develop marketing techniques to promote our brand and also use a monetization strategy to generate revenue. I really look forward to this class.

Process Post 2

This week I was having a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to do my website about. I wanted to pick a topic that I enjoyed writing about, but also wanted it to be about something that I could create a lot of content about. I had a meeting with my Will, and we had a helpful discuss about potential topics. I decided to write about electric cars because that was a topic that was a topic that is gaining a lot of attention these days and a lot of people want to learn about electric cars.

In class we talked publics and counter publics, and this helped me decide my topic. My public for my blog would be likely be wide, with people that want to gain knowledge about the electric car market.

Process Post 3

During this class, we went to the media maker lab at the SFU Burnaby Library this class. I knew that this place had opened recently, and I was excited to be able to go explore it as a class. When we arrived, our class was given a tour of the space and all of the components of the maker space. I was surprised to see how amount of variety in the things that were available to do. In my group, we used the laser cutter to make some designs. I am glad that we took this trip because we were able to see some of the things we could make for represent our brand.

Process Post 4

Today in class we had an awesome guest lecture by Michael Despotovich who talked about analytics. Analytics are a very important